Assalamu alaikum

Please note Eid jamaat times at Madina Masjid Newbold.

Moon sighting for Shawwal will be confirmed on Wednesday night insha’Allah.

We ask brothers to attend the first 2 jamaats if possible and not leave it to the last one as space will be limited as this has been reserved for sisters.

1st Jamaat – 8:00 AM (Brothers)
Doors Open – 7:40 AM
Maulana Abdul Hakeem

2nd Jamaat – 9:00 AM (Brothers)
Doors Open – 8:40 AM
Maulana Abdur Rashid

3rd Jamaat – 10:00 AM (Brothers & Sisters)
Doors Open – 9:40 AM
Hafiz Mohammed Jahid Hussain

Please note that children can attend as long as they are old enough to sit next to you at all times during the Eid Salah.

Covid-19 guidance must be followed at all times when attending the centre for Eid Salah. Please note that YOU MUST make WUDHU AT HOME and bring the following items;

🔻 Face Mask
🔻 Prayer Mat
🔻 Bag for your Shoes

Jazaakum Allahu Khayran
Madina Masjid Newbold

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