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Taste Ramadan 2018

Taste Ramadan 2018

Taste Ramadan is a unique initiative that breaks barriers and taboos across all communities, this project will bring Humankind together, regardless of the background or belief, we strongly believe that initiatives like this open up doors and build bridges that are ever lasting. UKIM has been instrumental since 1962 in connecting with the British public, regardless of their colour, creed, or background.

This year we have rolled out once again a chance for the community to not only feel Ramadan but Taste Ramadan, we will have a Guided Tour of the Mosque a short speech about Ramadan, and a question and answer session to remove any misconceptions that people may have about Muslims or Islam as a way of life, of course there will be a meal to maek the breaking of the fast and a prayer, which you can observe or join.


We hope that you can join us with your families, friends colleagues and neighbours to celebrate Humanity at large.

Our message is one of Love, Mercy and Compassion for all creatures, we follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH who was sent as a Mercy to the creation.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 27th May 2018