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Taraweeh Arrangements

A few points of note to all those attending the masjid for tarawih salah:

🔹We will be performing 20 rakat but will NOT be completing the Qur’an.
🔹Isha and Tarawih will be limited to no more than one hour as per Public Health guidelines.
🔹Children under 11 (Primary school and below) will not be permitted to attend Tarawih this year. (For Daily Salah this is No under 10’s)
🔹Doors will open 15 mins before jamaat and will be closed straight after the final Dua.
🔹If capacity is reached, then the doors will be closed.
🔹It is imperative that face coverings are worn throughout tarawih prayer. Windows will be kept open to aid ventilation.
🔹Please bring your own face covering, a bag for your shoes and your own prayer mat.
🔹Please co-operate with the volunteers at all times.

The above guidelines are to protect the safety and well-being of our congregation from Covid-19.
May Allah swt allow us to have a fulfilling and blessed Ramadhan. We ask Allah (SWT) to protect our community from Covid-19 and other diseases. Ameen