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Eid Jamaat Timings

Assalamu alaikum

Please note Eid jamaat times at Madina Masjid Newbold.

Moon sighting for Shawwal will be confirmed on Wednesday night insha’Allah.

We ask brothers to attend the first 2 jamaats if possible and not leave it to the last one as space will be limited as this has been reserved for sisters.

1st Jamaat – 8:00 AM (Brothers)
Doors Open – 7:40 AM
Maulana Abdul Hakeem

2nd Jamaat – 9:00 AM (Brothers)
Doors Open – 8:40 AM
Maulana Abdur Rashid

3rd Jamaat – 10:00 AM (Brothers & Sisters)
Doors Open – 9:40 AM
Hafiz Mohammed Jahid Hussain

Please note that children can attend as long as they are old enough to sit next to you at all times during the Eid Salah.

Covid-19 guidance must be followed at all times when attending the centre for Eid Salah. Please note that YOU MUST make WUDHU AT HOME and bring the following items;

🔻 Face Mask
🔻 Prayer Mat
🔻 Bag for your Shoes

Jazaakum Allahu Khayran
Madina Masjid Newbold