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Madina Masjid first opened its doors in 1999 to cater for the growing Muslim community in Rochdale. From the start MadinaMasjid recognised the importance of educating the youngsters and established the Madrassah (learning school). Over the years the Madrassa has educated Hundreads of boys and girls, allowing them to understand their religion and how to implement it into society.

Currently there are over 100 children who study at the Madrassah on a regular basis. We run 2 classes 5-6pm and 6-7pm Monday-Friday. The teachers follow a syllabus ensuring that all children benefit from their time at the Madrassah . A wide range of subjects are covered which include Quran, Hifz, Urdu, Arabic and Islamic studies. The success of this well established Madrassah is down to Allah (SWT) and the hard work of the teachers.


Teacher training sessions are held on a regular basis at the masjid and alongside our other UKIM branches. To supplement learning the teachers use white boards, projectors, computers and educational games. Examinations are held in these supplementary schools on annual basis. The Successful students are awarded certificates.

Speech Competitions are also organised each year in different categories including Qira'at, Na'at, Urdu speech and English speech. The comptetion is held at Neeli Masjid initially, those who perform well then compete with other branches in the north of England and finally those performing well compete with other nationally at UKIM's Annual Conference.

Masjid has recently appointed a qualified Head Teacher. Who will be in the office daily from 5-7pm. Parents can visit him during these times from Monday-Friday